Saban Dunya Plastic Factory

Saban Dunya Plastic Factory was established in 1996 by Saban Dinc the Co-founder , our factory has the latest scientific technologies and machines relied directly to computer, in addition to a staff under modern management with high scientific experience. After the 30 years of experience, we have been able to be pioneers in the Turkey in the plastics manufacturing field. Saban Factory helps you to choose the right plasticor glass. product for the right application regarding your personalized market. We are able to fabricate all kinds of household supplies, plastic kitchen stuff, glass splashbacks, and other varieties of glass and plastic products with high quality and competitive prices, in Turkey we focus to stay always the first reference for quality and commitment with our international distribution channels, as we are. Exporting for many countries in Balkan and Europe, middle east and Africa, our factory has the suitable capacity to hold this huge market and more, further more we do not risk our quality reputation or our professional process to engage your Business Journey with us from hosting you as a visitor in Turkey to our factory until you become the first distributor for Saban factory products in your country.

Our Story

Saban Factory's journey started in 1990 in Netherlands, producing household supplies and Dehumidifiers there , then in 1996 we started manufacturing in Turkey exactly in Maltepe ,going to another level in producing plastic products manufacturing , then we expand the distribution channel for our products to many countries, nowadays, we arrived to many countries in different continent such us : Netherlands, Germany, Africa, Kazakhstan,..

A word from our CEO

Saban Dinc: always Since a long time during my business journey i have learned one important thing that i share with all my clients, distributors or my close network and i want to share it here in the community of my factory : the only reality that exists is now! what you are reading now for example is your reality, Saban is now producing high quality for many countries different plastic and glass products is reality, and after 30 years working we still here strong , bigger and vaster is reality .. so no more valued words then this realities, welcome to our world or success reality , here we don’t dream , we plan , act , achieve, and repeat.


Saban Plastik exports most of its production. Our company which exports mainly to the Slavic Republics and Balkan countries, Middle East, North Africa and Europe, is a pio- neer of the sector with its customer focused and quality product range. Saban Plastik is a well-known brand both in Turkey and abroad. Day by day.